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The main ingredient of a bespoke service is time. Time to communicate ideas, time to develop designs and most importantly to realise your dream wedding cake


I like to believe I offer a unique service where the customer requirement takes precedence and the design of the Wedding Cake can be truly bespoke.


Every customer is an individual. The beauty of a bespoke wedding cake is that everything is possible and that any request can be met.


Depending on your requirement we will start with an initial consultation where the cake can be tasted and designs discussed. It's the individual decoration and detail always with the customers wishes in mind that captures the imagination! 

Detailed sugar flowers...any flower can be made. Hand piped lace work. Bespoke models. 


It is important that your cake is beautiful but it also has ' to taste as good as it looks!' To produce the best you have to start with the best.

All my eggs are free range and come from the local farm.

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, black currants  come from the same farm. They are picked and  expertly made into delicious jams.


My cake tasting sessions are building their own unique recognition.

My cakes are lovingly mixed and freshly baked for you.

I have complete control over what I bake and how the cakes are made. I frequently introduce new flavours and tastes. I know my cakes are the best they can be.


I offer a free cake tasting session. It is not unusual to be presented with at least twelve different flavoured cakes for you to sample. 

My studio provides a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. An opportunity to see my work on display and up close!


In addition  my fruit cakes are packed full of flavour. Without a doubt I make the best fruit cake you have ever tasted! (Brandy, rum, cherry brandy, sherry.)  All of course optional.


I am able to offer glutten free, dairy free cakes and all my cakes are suitable for vegetarians. 


Cake tasting sessions are by appointment only. 


Everyone is seen as an individual. Bespoke by design.






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